We understand that this is a very stressful and unprecedented environment to find ourselves in and we are doing all we can to relive the uncertainty of the situation.  If you find yourself experiencing financial ifficulties because of loss of earnings at this time, please read on for advice on how you can get help.

  • Please approach your employer, if you have been laid off or you have lost income due to Covid-19. Any business thinking of laying off staff, can instead give them temporary leave and the government will pay 80% of their salary up to £2,500 a month, although the chancellor urged businesses to top this payment up by the remaining 20% where possible. The scheme is to run for three months and will have no financial limit, but won’t be ready to begin payments until the end of April.
  • If you are struggling to meet rent payments, please make your proposal for how you intend to make payments in writing. You must make any payments you can afford.
  • Please be aware that no matter what happens, your rent is still due.  Even if we can agree a payment holiday or delay in paying the full amount, any underpaid rent will still be due at some point.  Only your landlord can ‘write off’ debt on your rent and this will be entirely dependant on their own personal circumstances and if they are also experiencing similar financial difficulties due to being laid off themselves, we face a very difficult situation.
  • If you need to request assistance in keeping up with rent payments, you must provide proof of your loss of income in writing.
  • If you are experiencing difficulty, please also visit the Department of Work & Pensions website where you can obtain the guidance you require regarding pay, statutory sick pay (SSP) and other relevant up to date information.    You can also look at the Government website for further guidance.
  • Please put ALL communication regarding rent payments in writing. It is important that we are able to discuss the matter with all the relevant facts to hand.
  • If you have a guarantor, they should not be left out of any discussions regarding rent payments.
  • We will ensure that we keep records up to date. Every discussion, conversation over the phone, email, must be logged and documented.
  • Any pre-existing arrears (pre-18th March 2020) cannot be factored into this Coronavirus situation. Everyone is in the same boat and no one has experienced this before so it is difficult for everyone involved on so many levels.